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Payment ways

Payment at the headquarters of Kvant d.o.o.

If you decide to personally accept your merchandise at the headquarters of KVANT d.o.o. in Črnomelj, you can simultaneously pay the full price of your order. You will be notified via e-mail about the time of the possible merchandise acceptance. The order can be accepted any time during our working hours from Monday to Saturday, from 8.00 until 16.30. At the personal acceptance you can choose between paying with cash, with a paying card (BA, Maestro), a credit card (Euro Card/MasterCard), or via a preceding allocation to the account of the Kvant d.o.o.
Cash on delivery
In case you choose to have your order delivered to your home or any other address in Slovenia and to pay on delivery, it is only possible to pay with cash. That is why, no matter what the price of the order is, you are obliged to be personally present at the delivery. You will be notified about the time of the delivery prior via e-mail. In case you do not like this possibility, please, read the information about payments with credit cards, after preliminary assessment of cost and others.

Payment after preliminary assessment of costs
Although this option is mostly designed for any legal person ordering via the internet-shop Kvant.si, it is also possible for any costumer to choose this option. The assessment will be sent to you via post on the address you stated, or it can be sent to you via fax (which requires the number of it at your order). You will receive the assessment of costs via post in 24 hours, via fax in 1 to 2 hours (the stated time does not count on weekends and holidays). After the payment of the assessment, you will receive the order in the agreed time.

Validity of tenders
Validity of the prices for the chosen merchandise or any other service is valid on the day of your purchase, that is, on the day of the closure and transmission of your purchase via the online-shop KVANT.si. For any additional information you can contact us from Monday to Saturday, from 8.00 until 16.30, and also on this phone number: 040 706 011.



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  Saxofon alt KVANT KAS-2715L VINTAGE
recenzija glasbenika Bojana Bahča
  Stratokaster el kitara KVANT AST111MP
  Akustična kitara KVANT ADG300
  Sopran saksofon KVANT KSS2731L

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