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Basic conditions of commerce

In our online-shop Kvant you can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The use of the site is free. Every user registrates and gets their own user name and password, with which they will be able to introduce themselves. The password is secret and only known to the user. The user is obliged to make sure he/she or an authorized person is the only one using their user name and password. In conformity with the Consumer Protection Law you can return the merchandise with the bill and its original package in the first 15 days after receiving it. Take a look at the section about product returns.

Information about orders is stored at the Kvant d.o.o. This information is always available to a customer on www.kvant.si after registration in the system.

Prices and payment
All official prices are stated in SIT and include the 20% VAT. Delivery charges, with VAT included, are 1.200 SIT (5.01 €).
The payment is possible:
1. with cash on delivery,
2. in advance via a bank or a post office according to the preliminary assessment of costs.

For all the KVANT-instruments we offer a 5-year-warranty. For the rest of the products in our shop we offer a 2-year-warranty. In this, the parts and accessories that are regularly used, such as strings, tongues, mouth pieces, mufflers etc are not included. Detailed warranty terms and address of the service centres are given in the warranty certificate which is added to every new instrument.

In our own specialized service for wind instruments and in our fiddle workshop we do most of the warranty repairs and we promise the instruments' service with their original parts at least 7 years after the purchase.

Delivery and its expenses
The costumer pays the delivery costs.

Merchandise returns
A buyer can cancel their contract of the purchase in the first 15 days after receiving the product and is obliged to return it in additional 15 days after the cancellation of the contract. It is possible to return the product in the first 15 days after receiving it and this counts as a cancellation of the contract. The merchandise has to be intact and its original package. The return transport costs are paid by the costumer. Because of hygienic precautions mouth pieces, tongues, harmonicas cannot be returned. It is also not possible to return drumsticks, membranes for drums, cleaners, colophony, strings and pick-ups. A buyer is able to exchange the product for something else or receives the entire purchase money with the cost of postage. The merchandise is owned by Kvant d.o.o. until its complete payment.
Purchase money together with the postage costs is returned in the first 15 days after receiving your written cancellation via a postal order or can be transacted on your account (which you have to state when returning the product).

We will try to solve every reclamation in favour of the costumer. Reclamations should be addressed to the online-shop Kvant d.o.o., Belokranjska cesta 23, 8340 Črnomelj, E-mail address: kvant@kvant.si

The bill is saved at the company. You are able to get a copy of the receipt by requesting for it in a written form.

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  Saxofon alt KVANT KAS-2715L VINTAGE
recenzija glasbenika Bojana Bahča
  Stratokaster el kitara KVANT AST111MP
  Akustična kitara KVANT ADG300
  Sopran saksofon KVANT KSS2731L

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